Rip Grooveshark to MP3 audio files

In this guide we'll show you how to rip and download music via the music service Grooveshark. Grooveshark is an online service, which provides free music streaming and you can find almost all artists and albums at Grooveshark. Initially it is not possible to download the music being streamed, only listen to it. But with Audials installed you rip and download all the streamed music via Grooveshark to MP3 audio files on your computer.


When you've installed Audials in Windows you can play music via Grooveshark in your browser and Audials will rip the music into separate files and save them to MP3 (or another audio format). It is actually very simple and Audials is capable of identifying each song being played by analyzing all the audio streamed to your computer. Audials then uses a complex technology to download the audio as a unique MP3 audio file.


Use Audials for this guide


Rip music from Grooveshark

  • Start Audials.
  • Shift to the windows "Save Music" via the streaming section.
  • Click "Audio Recording", if this feature is not already activated.
  • Visit Grooveshark via your browser.
  • Play the music you wish to download via Grooveshark.
  • Audials will create a complete list of all the played music in the window "Save Music".
  • The music will now be downloaded and converted to MP3. You can change this output format if you want.
  • After the music is downloaded you're free to play it on your computer or copy it to your iPhone, laptop, or another electronic device.
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