Audials One

Find, record and download any type of music or video from the Internet with Audials One – convert music and movies to exactly the formats you wish

Unlimited music – for free

Once you have installed Audials One, you can use it to search for music and movies online – you can download all the music and movies Audials One finds for you. Audials One literally vacuum cleans the entire Internet to provide you with the music you crave. The search function is simple – enter a music genre, artist, album or specific title and Audials One quickly returns numerous results – you can now choose which files you want to download.

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Audials One can do more!

Have you ever listened to Internet radio? Want to be able to download the song the radio station is playing? Audials One allows you to record and download all the music you listen to via online radio stations. Audials One ensures that all music is saved in separate MP3 audio files and a “meaningful” name that describes the music.


Audials One has an integrated podcast client, which allows you to record and download podcasts from around the Internet. As soon as you have registered an official podcast Audials One can record and download it directly to your PC.

Audials One – your video recorder and movie downloader

If you have rented an online movie via a subscription service, then Audials One record it and download it to your PC. That way you can expand your movie collection substantially and without much effort. Audials One can easily record the video and save it on your PC and it doesn’t really matter what source or technology that streams the video or movie to your browser – no matter what, Audials One can download the movie.

Music videos?

Audials One is specialized in finding music videos on the Internet and downloading them to your PC. It doesn’t if the music video is streamed in Flash or another format Audials One will download it – after you’ve downloaded a music video, you can choose to convert it to AVI or another video format.

Universal converter

Audials One features the latest technology in converting audio formats and video formats. Therefore you can expect Audials One to convert all types of multimedia files. This way you can enjoy music and movies on your PC, mobile phone, iPod, iPad, MP4 player, MP3 player and all the mobile devices you can imagine. The best part is that when Audials One converts a file the quality of picture and sound remains the same. No quality loss with Audials One.

Bothered by DRM protection?

One of Audial One’s premier missions is to eradicate DRM protection from music and movies – and Audials One is perfect for the task. Whether you download music from iTunes, or another music portal, many of the songs are always protected with DRM. The solution is to let Audials One legally remove the annoying copy protection of your legally purchased music. The same is true of movies with DRM protection – Audials One ensures that DRM is removed from videos and films.

Rip a DVD with Audials One

Audials One has a built-in DVD ripper that lets you rip all kinds of DVD movies to your PC in the video format you want. If you want to rip your version of “Lord of the Rings” to AVI Audials One will do the job – it takes a short time and the video quality is the same as the original DVD movie. If copy protection is present on DVD movie Audials One will remove it immediately.

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