Soultion: “Audials has detected a conversion problem”

When using Audials One, or any other of the software products in the Audials series, and you receive the following error “Audials has detected a conversion problem” while converting DRM-protected files, then there are several ways to solve the error. The error is usually due to a conflict between installed software on your computer and the software Audials or Tunebite.

This error is similar to issues with “Windows Media Revocation and Renewal” and is also caused by a conflict/incompatibility with other software installed on the computer. As mentioned, there are several ways to solve this error and we’ve listed all solutions here – all the listed solutions here are tested and approved by our support team and other users.

When you use Tunebite or Audials some third-party software products will interfere and cause an internal conflict in Windows. As a rule of the thumb we advise users to shut down most other software applications, before converting and removing DRM from files using Tunebite or Audials – you can always start the applications again after Tunebite or Audials have completed their tasks. At the moment our tests and feedback from our users indicate the following software applications causes complications and conflicts:

  • BullGuard Antivirus og Firewall
  • BullGuard SpamFilter
  • AnyDVD
  • Avast (but only in rare cases)
  • MySecurityCenter

In order to check if these applications are currently active in Windows you can use the “Task Manager” (just click CTRL + ALT + DELETE simultaneously to open the Task Manager). Close those applications, which are active and causes conflicts with Tunebite or Audials.

If none of the above-mentioned software applications is the cause of the error, then try to shut down all applications which are activated in the Windows startup:

  • Click the “Start” button and type “msconfig” in the search box. Click Enter to search.
  • Choose the tab called “Start” and click the button “Deactivate all”. Click OK.
  • Now shutdown all applications and restart your computer. Start Tunebite or Audials and resume conversion.

Upgrading security component

  • Go to the site Windows Media Technologies Security to update security components in Windows Media Player.
  • Click “Update” and the site will check if your version of Windows Media Player has the latest security components installed. If not, then an upgrade is automatically performed.
  • Now start Windows Media Player and play the files reporting errors. Then start Tunebite or Audials and resume conversion of files.

Windows Media Digital Rights Management

Another cause of the errors with “Audials has detected a conversion problem” is that the Windows Media Digital Rights Management system is not working correctly on your computer. To solve this issue, you must follow the steps in this article from Microsoft:

Deactivate value in the Windows registry

This fix for the “Audials has detected a conversion problem” error is related to a wrong value in the Windows registry. Since tampering with the entries in the registry is potentially devastating, if wrong values are added. We encourage you to be very careful or ask for assistance – one wrong value will only cause more error.

  • Click the “Start” button and type “regedit” in the search box.
  • You’re now in the Windows registry. Click “+” next to HKEY_LOCAL_Machine -> Software -> Microsoft -> Windows -> CurrentVersion and choose “Audio”.
  • Double-click “”DisableProtectedAudioDG” and change the value to “0”.
  • Close Windows registry and restart your computer. Try to play the files in Windows Media Player and the convert them via Tunebite or Audials.