Remove DRM proctection with Tunebite

Tunebite removes DRM protection from audio and video files perfectly legal by re-recording the copy-protected audio or video to a new file. In this way the DRM protection is preserved on the original file, while the user can convert the contents to a new audio or video file – this newly created file is free of DRM.

Is it legal?

Yes, because Tunebite never cracks nor uses any unauthorized techniques to remove DRM – all Audials software products are completely and 100% legal and completely comply with all Copyright Laws. Technically, Tunebite and the other Audials software products uses sophisticated recording tools to re-record all music and films to a new set of files. The DRM protection is never broken or abused – all files converted with Tunebite is re-corded as a new, unique file.

In the following guide we’ll show you how to use Tunebite to remove DRM protection from audio and video files in an easy way – follow these steps:

  • Shift to “Converter” in Tunebite
  • Click on “+ Files” and then “Add Files…”
  • Select the files you wish to remove DRM from
  • Click on “Open” and the files will be listed in Tunebite
  • If you wish to convert the files to a different format, after removing the DRM protection, then click on on the menu and choose a new format for the output files
  • Click on “-> Start” to initiate the conversion