Remove DRM with Tunebite

Tunebite, and the other software products in the Audials series, is able to legally remove all kinds of DRM protection from both audio and video files – so if you’ve music, films, audio books or other files protected with DRM Tunebite will help you remove it and free the files from all limitations.

Is it legal?

Yes, because Tunebite never cracks nor uses any unauthorized techniques to remove DRM – all Audials software products are completely and 100% legal and completely comply with all Copyright Laws. Technically, Tunebite and the other Audials software products uses sophisticated recording tools to re-record all music and films to a new set of files. The DRM protection is never broken or abused – all files converted with Tunebite is re-corded as a new, unique file.

In the following guide we’ll show you how to use Tunebite to remove DRM protection from audio and video files in an easy way – follow these steps:

  • Download Tunebite or Audials One
  • Start the software and shift to “Converter” window
  • Click “Files” and the click “Add Files…”
  • Now select the DRM protected files you wish to unprotect and convert
  • Click “Open” and the files will be listed in Tunebite or Audials
  • If you desire to change the output format of the files, then click the “Menu” and select another format
  • To unprotect and convert the files click “Start” and the process will begin