Remove DRM from music and videos with Tunebite and convert music and movies to many formats, legally!

Tunebite helps you to unlock your downloaded and purchased music from DRM protection by re-record your music and movies.

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About Tunebite

Tunebite is a music and movie converter, designed and developed to legally remove the DRM protection from music, songs, albums, audiobooks, videos, and movies. Tunebite supports more than 100 audio formats and video formats. Tunebite can also record music from Internet channels, videos from movie portals, and downloading video clips easily to your PC.

Tunebite provides a legal way of copying DRM protected audio files and video files by “re-recording” DRM protected files and thus will not break, technically, the DRM protection – this fact makes Tunebite one of the few legal software applications capable of removing the DRM copy protection. The “re-recorded” files (music and movies) can then be transferred to all other devices e.g. iPhone, mobile phone, MP3 player, another desktop PC, laptop or similar.

Tunebite converts music and movies via a user-friendly and comprehendible “drag and drop” interface, where the audio and video files are played and then re-recorded in a new, user-selected format.

Convert protected music and movies

Convert all types of copyrighted music and movies to any audio format or video format you desire, so you can use your files on all your electronic devices, PC, mobile phone, MP3 player, iPhone or other smartphone devices.

Since 2004, Tunebite has been one of the world’s most reliable and popular applications to tackle and remove DRM copy protection from music and movies. DRM copy protection limits the use of legally purchased and downloaded music and movies, but with Tunebite, you can remove the copy protection and transfer your music and movies to all the devices that can play the files.

So let Tunebite convert your M4P and copy-protected WMA and MP3 audio files, so you can use them and never again be limited in your music collection.

Remove copy protection from DVD

Tunebite release your video files and DVD movies from their copy protection by using the innovative technology in Tunebite, which will re-record all the video files on a DVD movie. In this way, Tunebite completely eliminates all forms of copy protection from your DVD movies.

Record online movies to your PC

With Tunebite, you can record blockbuster movies and online videos from video service and VoD (Video on Demand) like YouTube, Hulu, Ebaumsworld, Google Video, MySpace, Yahoo! Music, QuickSilverScreen and many more online movie portals.

Tunebite features a technology that acts as a sort of “video recorder”, where the films being played in your browser window are recorded and saved to the desktop or other folder. While the movie is recorded all traces of DRM is removed and you can enjoy your movie or video on your computer.

Record online music

Listen to online radio channels like Last.fm and with Tunebite installed you can record and download all the music played on the channels. Tunebite automatically records and saves each song, separately, in a desired audio format on your desktop. It simply cannot be made easier and you get all the latest songs and music tracks to your computer.

Flawless conversion

Tunebite offers a flawless conversion of both audio and video files. The quality of the converted media file matches the original 100%. There is no kind of quality loss or degradation of sound quality or picture quality Tunebite is always updated with the latest technology and guarantees 100% perfect audio and video conversion.

How is 100% conversion accomplished from e.g. WMA to MP3 you may ask? Basically, Tunebite compares every converted file with the original file and if the quality is not 100% identical, the conversion is repeated until the result is flawless.

Critics love Tunebite

Since 2004 Tunebite has received hundreds of prizes, honors and has won at least as many positive reviews and from all the major computer magazines and online IT magazines. Especially from users worldwide, who have expressed their satisfaction with Tunebite and all the possibilities that the application offers.

Advantages of Tunebite

  • Removes DRM protection on music by re-recording and converting music to a desired audio format
  • Removes DRM protection from movies and videos
  • Removes DRM protection from HD Videos downloaded from online movie portals (720p HD)
  • Supports popular video formats like WMV, MP4, AVI, H.264, 3GP
  • Converts protected and unprotected files from WMA to MP3 and vice versa
  • Offers a MP4 video converter that provides impeccable quality when movies and videos are converted
  • Supports both stationary devices like PC, Xbox, PS3 and mobile devices like iPhone, mobile phone, PSP, smartphone, iPod, MP3 player, MP4 player and many more
  • Achieves flawless quality when files are converted

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