How to Remove DRM from WMV

Tunebite Platinum is able to remove DRM protection from all types of video files such as WMV files, so you’re free to play them on any device. In addition to removing the DRM protection Tunebite Platinum will assist you in converting the WMV files to another video format, if desired.

Tunebite Platinum is the solution you need, if your WMV video files are protected with DRM and you wish to remove it and perhaps convert it to another format like MP4, AVI, FLV, MKV, etc.

Instructions for removing DRM from WMV

  • Start Tunebite Platinum. Switch to the view called “Converter” – it is located in the section called “Universal Converter”.
  • Now click on the button called “Files” and then “Add Files”. Choose the WMV files you wish to remove DRM from and convert. It is also possible to drag and drop files to Tunebite Platinum.
  • Next choose a profile with the desired output format via “Convert”.
  • If you wish to adjust a profile, then click the button with the two arrows pointing upwards. In this area you can define output formats and choose a target device like Apple iPhone, Apple iPad, BlackBerry, PS3, etc.
  • To begin the process, click “Start”. You can view the process in the “Converter” view.
  • After the completion you’re free to play the files or drag them into another application or device.

About WMV

The video format WMV (Windows Media Video) is a so-called video compression format, which is developed by Microsoft. The format was originally developed for Internet streaming but has become an accepted format for video files.