How to screen record Netflix for free

How to screen record Netflix for free

Screen recording is the best solution to avoid missing out on your favourite shows and movies when they’re removed from Netflix. We’ll introduce you to the best screen recorders to save your favourite Netflix content. Other ideas for indoor activities for cozy days are to be found on – browse through the various offers of online games and get inspired!

There are several ways to screen-record Netflix content on different devices. On Macs, you can use Parallels to install Audials Movie or other screen recording tools like QuickTime. You can use the built-in screen recording tool or transfer recordings from Audials Movie on iPhones. On Android devices, you can install a screen recording app like AZ Screen Recorder or use Audials Movie on a PC and transfer recordings to your mobile device. Audials Movie is recommended as it offers many helpful features, such as high-speed recording, various output formats, video editing, and automatic tagging. Audials One is another option that includes both music and video streaming recording, radio, and podcasts.

To remove Netflix ads, use the video editing feature in Audials Movie to cut and crop your video files. You can also get subtitles in the correct language by using Audials Movie’s subtitle search or sourcing subtitles from Netflix directly.

It is important to note that any redistribution of copyrighted Netflix videos without consent from the copyright owners may violate the law in most countries. Therefore, even if you decide to screen-record Netflix content for private purposes, it may be important to secure your server. Read more on how to protect your business and personal server here.

Find below the best tools to screen record Netflix for free.

Audials One

This tool also includes a video manager, converter, and editor and can record music streaming from services like Spotify and Tidal. It is compatible with Chrome, Firefox, and Edge browsers on Windows, but not Opera, and requires Parallels to use on Mac.

Audials Movie

This Windows tool can record and save Amazon Video content in Full HD (1080p), though without functions for music streaming, podcasts, and radio, unlike Audials One. Both this and the previously mentioned tool offer 2x speed recording, GPU encoding, various file formats, a built-in video converter, a video manager, and the ability to cut and crop videos. They work with Chrome, Firefox, and Edge on Windows, requiring Parallels on Mac. To screen record Netflix with Audials One or Audials Movie without a black screen, launch the software, prepare the screen recording, and playback the video to detect and record it automatically.

EaseUs RecExperts

EaseUS RecExperts is a simple screen recorder for Windows and Mac that records video streams, audio, webcam, and games, with multiple file format options. Before recording, choose the required settings, including file format, frame rate, bitrate, codec, and quality. Select the desired screen area and system sound and click “Rec” to start recording. EaseUS also allows for auto-stop and task scheduling for convenience. Unfortunately, no high-speed recording and no built-in video editor are available.

Joyoshare VidiKit

Joyoshare VidiKit is a reliable screen recorder available for Windows and Mac. It allows users to easily select the screen area to be recorded and choose the recording format and location. Recordings can be scheduled or started manually, and the software will stop automatically at a pre-set time. The “Rec” button allows for easy start and stop of the recording. Joyoshare VidiKit supports multiple file formats, such as WMV, MKV, MP4, and M4V. However, it does not support high-speed recording, GPU encoding, or Full HD resolution.

Wondershare DemoCreator

Wondershare DemoCreator is another versatile screen recorder for both Windows and Mac that lets users edit videos after recording. The video type, screen size, and sound can be selected, and the recording can be started straight away. The recorder includes a video cutter and allows quick export in various formats. However, it does not support high-speed recording and only converts to the video format MP4. Product advantages include screen recording and a built-in video converter.

iTop Screen Recorder

This simple software for screen recording video content on Windows allows users to choose the screen size and activate the speaker and webcam before starting. In addition, users can schedule a recording and prevent the PC from going to sleep during the process. The video can be saved in various formats such as MP4, AVI, FLV, MKV, MOV, TS, and GIF. However, iTop lacks high-speed recording, video editing, and media management features.


Bandicam allows users to capture video streams, tutorials, and games with mouse cursor movements and clicks. It has a dedicated menu item for recording computer games and enables users to set recording formats, codecs, frame rates, and quality. However, Bandicam has limitations as it only records in AVI and MP4 formats, requires an additional converter to screen record Netflix in different formats and does not work for the Edge browser. Bandicam and Wondershare UniConverter are similar as both have multiple functionalities and lack high-speed recording.

Vidmore Screen Recorder

This user-friendly screen recorder captures videos on Windows and Mac and saves recordings in various formats such as WMV, MP4, MOV, F4V, TS, AVI, or Gif. It includes auto-stop and task scheduler features and has the same pros and cons as EaseUS RecExperts, Bandicam, and UniConverter. However, practical features like high-speed recording are not available.

Acethinker Screen Grabber Premium

This tool is similar to Vidmore Screen Recorder in terms of features, ease of use, and limitations. It lets users capture video, audio, webcam, and games on Windows and Mac and saves recordings in various formats. It also includes auto-stop and task scheduler features but lacks practical features like high-speed recording.


The Ezvid screen recording software allows users to capture anything on their screen, including Netflix, with text. To screen record, users must simply click the PC screen icon. However, Ezvid lacks additional features like high-speed recording and file format options. It saves recordings only in the WMV format. In summary, Ezvid has pros, such as recording anything on your screen and editing videos but lacks useful features for Netflix recordings and offers only one file format.