How to Record Twitch Streams for Free

How to Record Twitch Streams for Free

Are you a big fan of gaming streams on Twitch, but wish you could save them for later? Wish your favourite streamer had a YouTube channel so you could reference important moments when you need them? Instead of begging streamers to create downloadable content, try these Twitch recorder tools that can help you record and download anything playing on your screen. Continue below to find out how.

Important Legal Notice:

The UK Copyright Regulations stipulate that broadcasts are copyrighted, which means they cannot be copied, copies cannot be distributed for free or for payment, cannot be rented or loaned, cannot be performed, displayed or played in public, cannot be adapted without permission and cannot be uploaded on the internet.

The tools “Audials Movie” and “Audials One” presented here fully meet these requirements.

Record a Twitch Stream on Your Windows PC

On your Windows PC you can use Audials Movie to record Twitch streams and save them as videos files for your own reference. This universal screen recorder will allow you to capture video streams and save them as MP4 so that you can access them on your PC, smartphone, or tablet. Just follow the steps below!

Step #1: Download, Install, and Start “Audials Movie”

Your first step is to download Audials Movie on your PC. You can download a demo for free and there is no need to register a user. Uninstalling is easy if needed. Start the Audials Movie Windows software by opening the download. When the software starts up, find the “Video Streaming” section.

Step #2: Play the Twitch Stream

In Audials Movie, select the “Twitch“ tile. A small window will appear where you can check the recording settings.

Next, open in your desired browser – Chrome or Firefox work best. Find your desired stream and press play. Audials Movie will automatically begin recording the stream.

To record the best possible quality, be sure that the stream is played in its original size and full screen. In the control window of Audials Movie you can view the recording progress.

Step #3: Saving Your Recording

On the right side of your screen in Audials Movie you will see a playlist. When the Twitch stream you are recording is completed, a video file will automatically transfer to your playlist.

In your settings you can decide if the recording should be saved in MP4, WMV, AVI, 3GP or other video file formats. Now you can play the video with Audials or drag and drop it into another application on your PC.

Extra Settings: Using the Timer

If your desired stream is starting at a late or inconvenient time, the timer is a useful tool! Before you start recording, in the recording window settings select the start time and duration. Audials Movie will record it for you automatically.

Comparing the Best Twitch Recorders

Which screen recording tools are the best for Twitch Streams?

At £32, Applian Replay Video Capture can record your screen, but it does not include the convenient timer feature. EaseUS Recexperts does include this feature, but for over £56. Only Audials Movie provides you with both features for less than £25!

State-of-the-Art Graphics Recording

Audials stands heads and shoulders above other tools with its Graphics Card Recording

While most other tools just record the screen, Audials Movie directly records the PC’s graphics card in a technically complex process. Only with the automatic adjustments Audials software makes to your browser and operating system will you receive top quality recordings.

Audials software is beloved by millions of users around the globe and has received glowing reviews from publications such as and more. All its additional functions and convenient settings are available to users at no extra charge. Start recording Today!

What about free in-browser recorders?

There are certainly many online tools which can save your Twitch streams as MP4 files just by pasting in a URL. Count your risks though! The process and security of these tools is unclear and can pose a risk to your digital security. You can use Audials Movie for a period for free by downloading a demo version instead.

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