Tunebite for Macintosh

Tunebite is developed for the Windows platform but is not yet developed in a specific Macintosh version, so you cannot download and install Tunebite as an individual software application on a Mac computer. But it is still possibly to run Tunebite on a Macintosh computer and in this guide, we’ll show you how to do it.

The solution is installing a third-party software application and set up a virtual computer on your Macintosh computer – the virtual computer is able to execute the Windows operating system and Tunebite in the virtual Windows environment.

Run Tunebite on a virtual computer

Several software applications allow you to set up a virtual computer and with the virtual computer you decide, each time you start your computer, which operating system you wish to run – Macintosh or Windows. Here are the two solutions we recommend for running Tunebite via a virtual computer:

  • Apple Boot Camp – read this official support article from Apple (it is free to use Apple Boot Camp):


  • Parallels Desktop for Mac – Parallels is a competent third-party software application developed to configure a virtual computer on your Mac. Parallels Desktop for Mac is easier to use than Apple Boot Camp.