How to Record a Zoom Meeting

How to Record a Zoom Meeting

Whether working from home, the office, or travelling for work, having constant communication with your team is necessary, and Zoom makes it easily accessible for everyone. Companies use it for international online meetings, the hiring process, and training, but it is also found on the devices of families and friends who want to socialise with their loved ones who are far away from them.

Through the app, you can communicate and see other users using the video conference option, and you can record Zoom conversations using Audials. A platform that is well-known for recording movies or games from streaming platforms like Netflix or Amazon Prime.

Below you can see the steps on how to do it.

Check with your participants in the meeting if they are okay with the recording; in most countries is forbidden to screen record Zoom without permission.

How to Record Zoom on a Windows 11/10 PC

Audials Movie is a tool that can support recording streaming platforms and Zoom calls.

The first step is to download and install the Zoom Recorder Audials Movie. The software is free of charge, and no registration is necessary; you can uninstall it anytime without trouble. The next step is to launch the Audials Movie Windows software.

When you’ve downloaded and launched, you want to start the Zoom meeting in the Zoom app. Look for the “Video Streaming” section, click and select the “Zoom” tile and follow the guided steps given in the small recording window that will show. Then, open the Zoom app and start the Zoom video conference. The recording of the video will start as soon as you click “play”. Have your Zoom window appearance set to a convenient size. In the control window, you will be able to see the progress of your recording.

You can now proceed and choose the file format in which you would like your videos to be saved.

When the recording is complete, Audials Movie will save it automatically, and you will be able to see it on the right side and then access it straight from the app or drop it into your Windows folder.

Audials Movie recorder has pre-made settings that allow you to easily record and save Zoom video conferences and videos from other popular streaming sites. You can also record other types of videos using the program’s three different streaming methods. Audials software, which includes this device, is well-regarded in the industry and is loved by millions of users worldwide. It also has many added features that are free of charge.

Audials features batch recording availability and automatically gives you the best frame rate, with 2x times recording speed compared with other top recorders like Easeus Recexperts, Movavi Screen Recorder, and Wondershare Demo Creator.

A test winner, recommended by computer magazines and used by millions of users worldwide, Audials software provides a high degree of convenience and additional functions at no extra charge. In addition, you will receive a full refund within 14 days if you change your mind. Are you in?

How to Record Zoom meetings on iPhone or Android

Download the Zoom app to record Zoom meetings on your iPhone or Android device. Something important to note is that you cannot record Zoom calls directly on your device. Recording can only be done to the cloud and is only permitted if you have a license and are the meeting host. Also, the host or co-host must allow the recording. and, as well as the Zoom official website, provide easy-to-follow instructions for recording Zoom meetings.

Zoom Summary

Zoom has seen a significant increase in usage since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, with many businesses and individuals using it for remote work, virtual meetings, and socialising with friends and family.

Zoom is available on multiple devices, such as desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobile devices and is compatible with macOS, ios, Windows, and Android operating systems. In addition, multiple pricing plans are available for Zoom, including a free version that allows unlimited one-on-one calls and group calls of up to 100 participants. Paid premium versions of Zoom feature longer video call times and varying sizes of cloud storage.