Rip Spotify to MP3

In this tutorial we’ll show how to rip and download music from Spotify with the feature “Spotify Stream Ripper and Recorder”, which is an integrated feature in Audials.

Spotify is a very digital music service that gives the user access to millions of songs and music. Spotify prevents its music from being downloaded by using a specialized process. Audials, the upgraded version of Tunebite, will help you to rip the music Spotify is playing and afterwards download in separate MP3 audio file to your PC. The method uses the soundcard in your computer to record the songs ┬┤to MP3.

Audials will record all the music streamed via Spotify to your PC and will identify each individual song, so all music is downloaded to separate audio files either in MP3 or WMA.

For this tutorial you need Audials One

How to rip music from Spotify

  • Sign up for an account at Spotify and download the software. Install Spotify on your PC.
  • Start Audials.
  • Switch to the window “Save Music” located in the “Streaming” section.
  • Click on “Sound recording with tagging” and then on the “OK” box in the following window. Audials will no record all music from your PC.
  • Please be advised to not play other sounds while you’re using Audials to download music from Spotify (avoid emails or chat sounds).
  • Back in the Spotify software you can now play the music you wish to rip.
  • Audials list in the “Save Music” window a list with all the songs being played and downloaded to MP3.

About Spotify

Spotify is a new and different way to enjoy music. Simply download and install Spotify software, and you have access to all types of genres, artists or songs of your choice – millions of music at your disposal. With Spotify you are never far away from the songs you want. There are no restrictions to what you can listen to or when.