How to fix “Windows Media Revocation and Renewal”

When converting DRM-protected MP3 and WMA files (and DRM files in general) Microsoft Windows 7 will sometimes show an error message stating “Windows Media Revocation and Renewal”. This error message usually shows after 20 to 30 files have been converted in Tunebite.

This is not an error in Tunebite, but a conflict in Windows Media Player. The same error would occur, if you played several DRM-protected files in a related video/audio player.

When this error message occurs Tunebite will display a box stating the software applications causing the problems. The easiest solution is to disable this/these software applications as long as you use Tunebite to convert DRM protected music and movies.

To verify that these applications are running in Windows you can use “Task Manager” – click the CTRL + ALT + DELETE keys simultaneously to open it. Please do the following:

  • Close down the application(s) Tunebite indicated as being in conflict via the Task Manager.
  • Disable this/these application(s) from starting up in Windows automatically. Click the Windows button and enter the following into the search box “msconfig.exe” -> Select Startup tab and tick applications here you wish to disable from starting up with Windows.
  • Start Tunebite as an administrator. Right-click the program icon and select “Run as Administrator…”